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Edition:V1.2.5 Update time:2019-12-17

Note: If clicking does not respond, please use the system browser to open it.

IOS Apple Version
You will install IOS / Android Enterprise Edition. In order to better serve you, please follow the following tips to authorize the enterprise certificate!
IOS 9 and subsequent systems
IOS 9 and subsequent systems
2. Enter Settings - [Universal]
3. Enter [Description File and Equipment Management]
4. Click on the image to go to the next page.
5. Click Trust
6. Open APP by clicking on trust and completing authorization
Adnroid Android version
Android 8.0 and later systems may have different entry settings depending on the mobile phone manufacturer. Take the graphic system as an example:
1. Open the phone and click on the settings on the desktop.
2. After opening the settings, go to the bottom of this interface and find the option of Security and Privacy.
3. Then Click to enter the security and privacy interface.
4. Click on the options at the bottom of the interface [more security settings].
5. If you want to set permissions for an application alone, click Install Unknown Applications.
6. Click on the application icon that needs to be set in the incoming interface and click on it.
7. In the open interface, according to their own circumstances, decide whether to set the open or not.